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Following languages are available:
* English
* Germany

“Amonino’s Poems for Gnomes” is a collection of wonderful poems for children of all ages, ideal for reading aloud on the bed or for self-discovery during long trips. In addition to child-friendly pictures and texts, each poem offers a variety of interactive animations and sounds for long-lasting reading fun.

The app is free of advertising, does not store user data and does not pass on any information to third parties. A security query ensures that only adults can make purchase transactions.

Currently two poems are free and one is available for sale. Further poems are regularly delivered.
For free:
* Little Red Dot and the Seven Nooks – Geometry loosely based on Brothers Grimm
* Amonino’s Orchestra – Amonino and his six friends playing all their favorite instruments

For sale:
* The Dresses of Trees – A poem about a snobbish cherry tree and a fir during the changes of the seasons

Available soon:
* Max the biggest thing of everything – Superlatives of size on every page
* I am (not) afraid in the dark – Are there monsters or just the shadows of trees, toys and Daddy?

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Due to some “specialities” in Android Lollipop (Build 21 and 22) some users might recognize some minor inconveniences.

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May 14th 2017

developed by
Hagen Steidelmueller