Rubik Rush – amazing jigsaw puzzle app

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short description
You think jigsaw puzzles are boring ? – then you haven’t played Rubik Rush yet!

You can play just for fun – or in CAMPAIGN mode: earn points and immortalize yourself in your personal high score ranking. But be careful, it won’t get easier from level to level!

In the limited freeware version you’ll have a lot of fun!

You can choose between 3 kind of sources:
* image : over 100 beautiful pictures of animals, landscapes, nature and urban environments
* fractal: generates always new and fascinatingly beautiful fractal images of the Mandelbrot set
* photo: use one of your own gallery folders as source for you personal and unique jigsaw game

Configure the complexity of your run:
* define 5 comibinations of split into rows and columns
* set up a timer or move counter or none or both
* challenge yourself in 5 levels of difficulty (including INSANE)

In FULL game mode you will have:
* all 48 campaign levels enabled (33 level in freeware)
* access to Google Play Games leaderboards
* no advertisment anymore

Download now and enjoy Rubik Rush 🙂

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online since
November 19th 2017

developed by
Hagen Steidelmueller